My Top 5 Favourite Rowing Videos

There comes a time in every rower’s life when he/she spends an entire afternoon or evening watching hundreds of rowing videos on YouTube. There is a lot out there, and if anything it is not getting much much better due to the popularity of GoPros and Drones.

Anyway, I wanted to do a quick post to share my favourite videos – these are ones that I watch over and over and find incredibly motivating.

5. James Cracknell vs Matthew Pinsent

Head to head in the GB Squad televised and public 2km trial, this was the shoot out between its two biggest guns. Their ergs connected via cables to show relative position to each other. I love this video to see just how the best of the best use a rowing machine and the herculean level of power, endurance, resilience and competitiveness between the two.

4. Drew Ginn – Will It Make The Boat Go Faster

This one takes a bit of concentration, but it is an incredible speech and philosophy from Drew Ginn, an absolute legend of International Rowing from Australia. In true Aussie style, his approach is calm and laid back – at a complete anthesis to Team GB!

3. Husky Power

If you ever in a slump about long ergs, winter miles and general lack of training motivation – this will get you straight back on it. Imagine training in a room of so many teammates with one common goal and purpose. I could imagine breaking all PBs in such an environment. It is no wonder Washington Huskies are such a dominating force in College Rowing.

2. South Africa Lightweight 4 Training

This video is just brilliant. For those that remember the 2012 LM4- final, the South Africa crew (in this video) came from nowhere to absolutely burn through the pack in the final 200m and claim gold. Incredible scenes. In this training video you can see their training philosophies which show just the intensity that they trained to. Also – that lake they train on. Stunning!

1. Abingdon vs Belmont Hill Cox Video – Henley Royal Regatta

For anyone who has ever raced in a crew, this video needs watching. The coxing in this race from Rory Copus is just insane. The way he owns his crew is brilliant. I don’t want to say too much – please just watch this.


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