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Concept2 Model D vs Concept2 Model E

P.S. As usual, this is a long article – if you want a sneak peak at my preference of these two, see here. By coming to this article, I will assume that you have carried out your research in many parts. First of all, on 

The Best Shoes for a Rowing Machine

P.S. As always, here is a sneaky peak of my top choice in case you are limited on time and don’t want to read my post! This has been a topic of big debate in every rowing club/ squad that I have been a member 

What muscles do a rowing machine work

This is a commonly asked question, and one which causes incorrect technique on a rowing machine through misconception so here is a quick article to let you know which muscles a rowing machine works. I will also share tips on how to improve strength in 

Concept2 Drag Factor

  This is one of the first things I ever tell newbies to the rowing machine, and I feel it warrants a quick short post. One of the most common mistakes I see happen on a rowing machine is somebody walking up to it, throwing 

Explaining the Concept2 Display

When first using a rowing machine (and specifically the Concept2), there is a lot of data that is shown and making sense of it is key. Above is a quick summary of the key facets, however in reality there are only two items on this 

Polar H7 vs Wahoo Tickr X with Memory

P.S. This is a long article, so click here for a sneak peak of my choice! P.P.S. I have since written a new article for Polar H10 vs Wahoo Tickr In the new world of Bluetooth heart rate straps, there are two clear leaders that 

My Top 5 Favourite Rowing Videos

There comes a time in every rower’s life when he/she spends an entire afternoon or evening watching hundreds of rowing videos on YouTube. There is a lot out there, and if anything it is not getting much much better due to the popularity of GoPros 

Best Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

One of the most popular trends in the market for fitness accessories at the moment is activity trackers. Whilst these are great for encouraging an active lifestyle, what is absolutely music to my ears is the growth in the market for heart rate monitors. The 

Best Equipment for Weight Loss at Home

So it is that time of year again, and there are thousands of articles, guides and companies wanting your money on the promise of helping you shift some of that gut. But what really is the best equipment for weight loss at home? Well, this 

Best Resistance Bands

In the world of home workouts, there is are a few new toys that are simply a must and one of these that is gaining great infamy is the humble resistance band. Now, this might not be an item that can have a direct input