Concept2 vs WaterRower

The best rowing machine? Concept2 vs WaterRower This is without doubt my most popular and divisive article – Concept2 vs WaterRower. You will have come to notice from my previous posts that I believe that the rowing machine is the ultimate piece of equipment for 

Top 5 Rowing Machine Accessories

Using a rowing machine at home is a big step – you are committing yourself to using a particular piece of equipment for a prolonged period of time and need to get a minimum amount of usage to justify the investment. In order to make 

Best Rowing Machine for Crossfit

Crossfit is a 21st century phenomenon that is revolutionising the way in which athletes are combining strength, cardiovascular and mobility training. The sport has had a meteoric rise with crossfit gyms across the world, a host of smash hit TV shows (Fittest on Earth) and 

Best Rowing Machine 2021

P.S. This is a super long article, so if you want to cheat and see the one I would recommend then click here! There is one often overlooked piece of equipment that you will find in almost any gym, which offers to ability to provide 

Concept2 Model D Review

If this isn’t your first time reading my site, you will be very much aware that I believe that the rowing machine is absolutely the best piece of gym equipment available either for use in a gym, or for home workouts – whatever your goals 

Concept2 Model D vs Concept2 Model E

P.S. As usual, this is a long article – if you want a sneak peak at my preference of these two, see here. By coming to this article, I will assume that you have carried out your research in many parts. First of all, on 

What muscles do a rowing machine work

This is a commonly asked question, and one which causes incorrect technique on a rowing machine through misconception so here is a quick article to let you know which muscles a rowing machine works. I will also share tips on how to improve strength in 

Concept2 Drag Factor

  This is one of the first things I ever tell newbies to the rowing machine, and I feel it warrants a quick short post. One of the most common mistakes I see happen on a rowing machine is somebody walking up to it, throwing 

Explaining the Concept2 Display

When first using a rowing machine (and specifically the Concept2), there is a lot of data that is shown and making sense of it is key. Above is a quick summary of the key facets, however in reality there are only two items on this 

House of Cards Rowing Machine

I get asked this A LOT! What is that rowing machine being used by Frank Underwood in House of Cards? Well, this is a machine that is now getting a lot more popular – and its sales are spiking during every appearance on the show. However, you