Best Gifts for Rowers

With Christmas around the corner, along with just the general worries when birthdays come around – I thought it would be useful if I shared some gift ideas for those people in your life who have been taken in by the wonderful sport of rowing.

This selection of ideas is mostly aimed at those who are still active in their rowing pursuits, but I’ve also included a couple of gift ideas for those who have retired but still hold that obsession.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

This is something I had read about a few years ago and there is a lot of anecdotal evidence suggesting that waking up to a gentle increase of light is ‘better’ for you, against a straight forward loud clock. Waking up early is a key part of the rowing regime and I was totally up for finding new ways to help me ensure I get up on time, and reduce feelings of grogginess. The beauty is that you can switch these between modes – on rowing days I will use both sun & sound in combination (with the aim being that it helps you gently wake up but gives you a noise as a final nudge). On non rowing days I will leave it as just the light option, and let nature do its work (or I might not set it at all, if I feel daring).

Whilst I was skeptical at first, I have to say I think these are brilliant pieces of kit and are priced perfectly to be a great gift for that rower in your life!

There are many versions our there, but you can’t go wrong with Philips as a brand, and therefore I would suggest checking this one out.


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Trigger Point Foam Roller

There are many things that are in short supply at rowing clubs and gyms, but one of the most in-demand pieces of equipment is the trusty foam roller. A good foam roller regime can be utilised both pre and post workout, as well as on other rest days. Stretching properly and improving mobility is essential for rowing success, and making sure that your loved one/ friend/ acquaintance is equipped with a great foam roller will really impact their performance in the boat.

Whilst there are many types of foam roller on the market, budget level rollers are prone to losing their shape quite quickly, and also lack the firmness required to deliver an effective treatment.

This model from Trigger Point is one of the best on the market, you’ll see them in high end gyms and in a lot of rowing club boat houses, but there are never enough of them. For the level of use you will get from one of these, they are incredibly good value. I have had mine for six years now and it is still in great condition.

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Rowing Tee

Everyone jokes that all rowers do is talk about rowing – and that isn’t far from the truth! In order to help that, why not get a great rowing t-shirt. There are lots on offer, and to be honest most are pretty boring/ dull/ full of awful slogans but this is one I think the majority of rowers would appreciate. Hard to say much more – there are plenty of other designs on Amazon, but this is the one I would pick out of the bunch.

Of most of these items I am listing, this is one that is still suitable for those who are now just ex-rowers having hung up their lycra.


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Compression Top

On the subject of lycra, a good compression top is essential for rowing. Skins have an impeccable reputation, offering both great functional quality and also in my opinion, a great looking range of items. Skins would be my first choice of top if I were purchasing a top again.

At Christmas especially, keeping yourself warm when training is essential, allowing you to perform at maximum level, and also protecting yourself from injuries. I would always recommend sizing this one above normal t-shirt size for whoever you are buying this for.


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Hand cream

Another common feature of all rowers is…. Blisters! At all levels, they are unavoidable especially when seasons change and when bad weather comes in. The majority of rowers are however very very bad at taking measure to reduce these and prevent them from getting any worse. I tried all sorts of creams over the years, and I have to say that this one is incredible. It is not a typical hand cream, it is like a gel and you only need to use a very small amount (less than the size of a pea) after each session. It is fantastic for keeping moisture in and really does go a long way to keeping hands in great health. This is especially important for those who also work full time. I used to cringe meeting new people in meetings when I had blisters all over my hands.

This product is also very small in size, lasts forever (I had a tube that lasted over a year) and is very cost effective. This would be a great small present for that rower in your life!

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Buff Neckwarmer

Finally, this is something that I swore by throughout my rowing career. A lot of heat is lost around the neck and head, and I would always wear this lightweight buff like a snood/ scalf. In times of extreme cold you can pull it up over the mouth and chin.

There isn’t much more to say about this – it is versatile and does exactly what you expect. Machine washable and comes in a huge amount of design options. What is not to love?!

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I really hope this helps anyone looking for ideas of presents to buy for someone who is rowing obsessed. These will delight anyone you are buying for.

Thanks for viewing!




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