Best Foam Roller

Choosing The Best Foam Roller

It is my firm belief, that flexibility and mobility are the key to rowing fitness as without this, you will struggle to have a long and efficient stroke. Imperative to this is the humble foam roller – however new models have emerged in the market lately that I have had the opportunity to experience as they have emerged during my career and so I am here to tell you which I think is the best foam roller.

1. LuxFit – High Density Foam Rollerbest foam roller

So LuxFit is probably the best selling brand for what is essentially a vanilla foam roller – just a lump of high density foam. This is the type that I first started using and I have to say, using a foam roller for the first time is genuinely life changing! The amount of stretching you can do, and the ability to remove aches and pains is incredible.
I think this a high density foam roller is perfect for the beginner as the foam naturally has some give to it, meaning it is slightly more forgiving. However, with the right stretches, I don’t believe that any performance is lost.
The only draw back to a high density foam roller is life span – with high usage, the middle becomes compressed and you will need to buy yourself a new one after a year or two (even sooner if shared within a club).

However, for the money – this is an essential purchase for a beginner!

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2. Triggerpoint Gridthe best foam roller

TriggerPoint is a relative newbie to the foam roller game, and it has completely rewritten the rulebook! TriggerPoint is a brand you will see all over high end physiotherapy studios, they do a vast range of goods for athletes.
The TriggerPoint Grid is a fantastically designed foam roller that uses a solid plastic inside, with very dense foam on the outside, textured to provide a varying surface to provide massage like relief.
When these came out, I personally found the price prohibitive, but the popularity has seen these become very very affordable, and I (and my past rowing clubs) swear by them. I honestly cannot recommend these enough. The built quality and durability is superb, and the product offers a much better experience than the LuxFit. My only caution would be that there is limited ‘give’ in the foam, and this might be a bigger shock to a newbie than the LuxFit.
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So What Is The Best Foam Roller?

For me – the best foam roller has to be the TriggerPoint Grid. It is available in various sizes, and more importantly, many colours!

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