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Concept2 vs WaterRower

The best rowing machine? Concept2 vs WaterRower This is without doubt my most popular and divisive article – Concept2 vs WaterRower. You will have come to notice from my previous posts that I believe that the rowing machine is the ultimate piece of equipment for 

Top 5 Rowing Machine Accessories

Using a rowing machine at home is a big step – you are committing yourself to using a particular piece of equipment for a prolonged period of time and need to get a minimum amount of usage to justify the investment. In order to make 

Best Rowing Machine for Crossfit

Crossfit is a 21st century phenomenon that is revolutionising the way in which athletes are combining strength, cardiovascular and mobility training. The sport has had a meteoric rise with crossfit gyms across the world, a host of smash hit TV shows (Fittest on Earth) and 

Best Rowing Machine 2021

P.S. This is a super long article, so if you want to cheat and see the one I would recommend then click here! There is one often overlooked piece of equipment that you will find in almost any gym, which offers to ability to provide 

Best Gifts for Rowers

With Christmas around the corner, along with just the general worries when birthdays come around – I thought it would be useful if I shared some gift ideas for those people in your life who have been taken in by the wonderful sport of rowing. 

Polar H10 vs Wahoo Tickr X

p.s. if you don’t have time to read this and want to see my winner, click here Polar H10 vs Wahoo Tickr X I will start this article of by highlighting that I previously wrote a similar review comparing the Polar H7 vs Wahoo Tickr 

Concept2 Model D Review

If this isn’t your first time reading my site, you will be very much aware that I believe that the rowing machine is absolutely the best piece of gym equipment available either for use in a gym, or for home workouts – whatever your goals 

Powerade vs Gatorade

P.S. For those who want to cheat and don’t want to read the whole article. Click here to see who I believe is the winner in this. Setting some context Energy drinks is a huge and high growth market – but with so many options 

Fitbit Charge 2 vs Garmin Vivosmart HR+

P.S. This is a long article, if you can’t wait to find out the result click here to find out! In the new world of heart rate and activity trackers aimed at everyday use (rather than just for during the activities themselves), there are two 

The Best Foam Roller Exercises and Stretches

Foam rollers have gone from being that unknown, random piece of equipment in the corner of the gym to being a highly sought after item that a lot of frequent gym goers, athletes or those in rehab also look to purchase for their own home.