Welcome to Oarsome Fitness

I am a lifelong rowing geek and have set up this website to share hints, tips, thoughts and experience that I have amassed over the years to help everyone building a rowing based fitness regime into their lifestyle, or just take tips from those in the sport to help achieve goals of long term health.

Not only will I share in depth my advice on the products themselves and how to use one most effectively, but I will also look into a range of other topics for general health and wellness including – flexibility, mobility, endurance, heart rate monitors, strength, injury prevention and motivation.

Rowing Machines

The rowing machine really is the ultimate piece of gym equipment, I truly believe it gives unrivalled benefits to users across all key facets of health and fitness – endurance, power, cardio health, flexibility and stamina. What more can you want!

There are so many things to know about rowing machines, and how to use them. Not only in making a decision about which one to get, but how to use most effectively. I have addressed this across a large range of articles to date, some of my favourites are listed below.

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Heart Rate Monitors

A major theme of my posts across this site follows one simple rule – Train Smart. I have seen an a lot of people over the years who train with big levels of commitment but aren’t making best use of their training and time available to them. One key way to ensure you are doing so it to know what your heart is doing. A heart rate monitor is key and I have shared my thoughts on these, and a view of some of the key products available in the market.

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Mobility and Flexibility

A very important part of all health and fitness, especially as we get older is flexibility and mobility. This is something I was guilty of overlooking in my early days but I now spent a lot of time working on this as it is my own personal weakness. There are a number of accessories that can make this exponentially easier to do, and they can last a lifetime!

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Weight Loss

Everyone has different goals for training, however I know that one key one is sustained weight loss and lifestyle change. I share my thoughts on how best to do this, either at home or in a gym.

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